Cougar's Passion

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Melpomene Juvie

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Erotica-When Love and Lust collide do you run or take a chance on both being the end to your happily ever after. In the back woods of Augusta, Georgia, is where we will discover the answer to that age old question, what love has to do with it? Candice job connects are with students from all walks of like but what's the chance of her falling for some one half her age? Justice Ingram an incoming student athlete would be the ultimate test to her self imposed celibacy. Would Candice remain professional or would she blur the lines with thoughts of intimate encounters. Internal conflict verse external desires will take you on a journey of unbridled passion, with ever turn of the page you become engulfed in sensuality. Felice', is the best friend of Candice who has a desire of her own to confess, afraid of possible rejection she has held this secret for years. What will become of this Love affair? Will age keep these two from happiness? Will Candice walk away? Will Justice beg her to stay?

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